Hello, My name is Joey and I am a passionate and enthusiastic landscape and bird photographer. Below is my portfolio by category that includes a variety of photos that demonstrate my creativity and versatility as a photographer. With birds, landscapes, sunsets and macro shots of flowers to abstract compositions of textures and colors, each photo reveals a unique perspective on the world around us.

Cats are a fun and rewarding way to capture the grace, beauty, and quirky personalities of our feline friends.
Birds require patience, skill, and a good understanding of bird behavior while using long lenses.
Images of butterflies in their natural habitats requires both long and macro lenses with lots of patience.
Insects require attention to detail to capture the unique characteristics of these small creatures.
Wildlife captures the art, beauty and behavior of animals in their natural habitats.
Flowers allow for capturing intricate details and textures, revealing their delicate beauty in a unique way.
Capturing the beauty and grandeur of natural environments, showcasing the world's diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes.
Seascape photography captures the beauty, power, and serenity of the ocean and its surroundings.
Night Skies
Night photography requires specialized techniques and equipment to capture stunning images in low light conditions.
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